3057 , Electromagnetic Transverse Pole Chuck

Pole Type Transverse
Pole Spacing (Small Chucks Upto10"x 24") 1/4in (Magnetic Steel)|1/16in (Non-Magnetic Stainless Steel)
Pole Spacing (Larger Chucks) 1/4in (Magnetic Steel)|1/8in (Non-Magnetic Stainless Steel)
Features Top Plates are Furnace Brazed making the Magnetic and Non-Magnetic Steel into one Solid, Water tight Unit.

The poles of this chuck run across the chuck from side to side. Pole spacing in the smaller chucks, up to 10" x 24", is generally 1/4" magnetic steel and 1/16" nonmagnetic stainless steel.Pole spacing of 1/4" magnetic and 1/8" nonmagnetic steel is used in the larger chucks.