8051-50 , Cycletrol Permanent Magnet DC Motor

Graham Transmissions' permanent magnet DC motors are optimized for rapid cycling use with Cycletrol Series DC controls. All motors are in-stock for prompt delivery.
  • Designed to industry-standard NEMA frame sizes
  • 13 models rated from 1/8 to 5 HP
  • Easy access to brushes for quick brush replacement
  • Non-vented and fan cooled versions
  • UL recognized
  • For use with 120/240 VAC single phase silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) drives
  • 90/180 volt armature motors have 1,800 RPM base speed.
  • Products specifications
    Horsepower 1-1/2 hp
    Torque 4.50 lb.ft
    Inertia 0.182 lb.ft²
    Shipping Weight 65 lb
    Armature Voltage 180 VDC
    DC Drive Voltage 240 VAC
    Current (DC) 7.8 A
    "L" Length 16.00 in
    NEMA Frame 45BC
    Enclosure TEFC
    Notes CE marked, conforms to EN60034-1 & EN60034-5