N6979 , 33A-E and 33A-F Series Parallel Shaft DC Gearmotor

Motor 1/4 hp
Speed 500 rpm
Torque 24 lb.in
Amps 9.2 A
Gear Ratio 5:1
Accessory Shaft YES
Application Information Performance at 130VDC Is based ori use with filtered controls (F.F.=1.0)
Optional Accessories Ratings at 90 VDC are based on operation with an unflltered control(F.F.=1.4).Face mount is standard.
Matching Controls Brake model 0997 (can be used only on models that have an accessory shaft).IP-44 achieved with terminal box model 0984 or 1984."L" bracket kit model 0969. Adaptor plate kit model 0995 provides for drop in replacement of competitive gearmotors. Models with accessory shaft are ideal for mounting external encoders or brakes.
Notes We stock a full line of speed controls for our PMDC motors.