Special Chucks

Swivel Special Chucks

Magnetool Electromagnetic Swivel chucks are available using the standard electro chucks such as 5x10, 6x12, 6x18, etc. Chucks may be longitudinal or transverse pole depending on the application.The dial is graduated to 90° both sidesof horizontal.The same standard D.C. controls are used with these chucks.

Permanent Magnetic Block Special Chucks

The Magnetic Block is useful for holding small work for manufacturing and inspection. The Block can be located and held on a machine surface or any magnetically conductive surface by turning the bottom On-Off hex knob. Work can be positioned on top of the block and held securely by turning the top On-Off hex knob.Top and bottom sections operate independently of each other.

Permanent Magnetic Angle Special Chucks

The Magnetic Angle is a layout and inspection tool that combines a hardened right angle with a magnetic chuck. A hex handle is used to turn the magnet on and off. Work can be held firmly in place for measuring, scribing or indicating. The tool can be turned on either side for checking work in different positions.Side and top of magnet are drilled and tapped for rails which are furnished with the tool.

The Magnetic Angle is hardened to 55-60 Rockwell "C" Scale. Face, sides & ends are precision ground square and parallel within .0002.