U30P2HS , General Purpose Unimount Motor

HP 30
RPM 1800 rpm
Voltage 200 V
Full Load Efficiency 93.6
Full Load Current 81.0 A
Frame 286TS
Shipping Weight 300 lb
Service Factor 1.25
Phase Three phase
Dimension (C) 26.9 in
Discount Symbol DS-3XE
Enclosure Open Dripproof (ODP)|Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC)
Insulation Three phase
Efficiency Premium Efficient, NEMA Premium® Efficient or EPACT
Nameplate CE Mark on nameplate (180 Frame or larger)
Agency UL® Recognized and CSA® Certified
World Motor® Features
  • Both 60 Hz and 50 Hz operations(without derating motor)
  • 250 Frame and larger ratings suitable for wye-start delta run or across-the-line starting
  • Energy Efficient per NEMA (2003) MG1,12-10
  • Meets EPACT 92 (USA), NOM 74 (Mexico), and CSA® C390 (Canada) efficiency levels
  • ALLGUARD® Motor Quality System
  • For general industrial equipment including fans, blowers, compressors, pumps and direct connected equipment.
  • World Motor® Features, Except Where Noted
  • Class F Insulation, Class B Rise at Full Load On 60 Hertz Sine Wave Power
  • Aluminum Frame (180-280), Rolled Steel (56-140)
  • "CE" Mark on Nameplate (140 Frame & Larger)
  • Shaft Slinger on Pulley End
  • Full 50 & 60 Hertz Operating Data on Nameplate (03)
  • Full HP @ 50 Hz
  • 40°C Ambient, NEMA® Design B Performance On 60 Hertz Sine Wave Power