176B6019 , Vari Speed® A2000

HP 1
Line Voltage 240 V
Rated AC Line Current 10 A
Input 2 kVA
Armature Current 6.1 A
Armature Voltage (120V) - 0-90 VDC |(240V) - 0-180 VDC
UPS package type Customer Supplied Package
Field Voltage 100/200 V
Field Current 1
Rated AC Line Voltage ±10%
AC Line Frequency 48 to 62 Hz
Configurations Stand Alone
Elevation Up to 3300 ft. (without derating)
Horsepower (120V) - 1/8-1 hp |(240V) - 1-3 hp
Phase Single
Process Signal Input Optional
Tachometer Feedback 20.8 V/1000 RPM
Tachometer Follower Optional
Field Supply (120V) - 50/100 VDC |(240V) - 100/200 VDC
Armature Feedback (Speed Range) 50:1 (full torque)
Tachometer Feedback (Speed Range) 200:1 (full torque)
Armature Feedback (Speed Regulation) ±2% of base speed (for 95% load change)
Tachometer Feedback (Speed Regulation) ±1/2% of set speed (for 95% load change)
Ambient Temperature 104°F (40°C) enclosed|131°F (55°C) chassis
Minimum Speed 0 to 50% control rating
Maximum Speed 50 to 110% control rating
Acceleration 0.5 to 5 seconds
Deceleration 0.5 to 5 seconds
IR Compensation Adjustable (0-25% of rated output)
Current Limit 10-150% control rating
Range (% control rating) Isolation optional
Reference Supply Voltage 10 V
Process Output Optional, speed follower
Status Indicator LEDs for Power On, Run and Current Limit Status
UL/cUL Listed Chassis configurations only
    AGB0 provides isolation of non-isolated inputs and allows multiple A2000 controls to be controlled by a single process signal. AGB0 also provides isolated open collector with adjustable time delay for current limit indication, and a speed follower output signal when used with a tachometer.

    AGB0 Isolation Option
    Isolation provides isolation for non isolated input command signals. Provides the A2000 with the ability to accept various process speed signals and isolated tachometer feedback inputs. Includes a minimum speed adjustment, range adjustment and run status LED.
    AGB0 Application Data
    Speed Signal Input:
    • 0-10 VDC (0-20 mA DC)
    • 1-5 VDC (4-20 mA DC)
    • 5K, 1W potentiometer (input impedance = 80K ohm)

    Run/Stop input:
    • Contact or solid state (NPN) switching device acceptable

    Tachometer input:
    • 20.8V/1,000 rpm
Enclosure 7V/1,000 rpm
Isolated open collector sinking output signal with adjustable time delay for current limit indication and a speed follower output signal when used with a tachometer. Allows multiple A2000s to be controlled by a single input signal.

  • Minimum speed
  • (0-50% of motor base speed)
  • Range adjust
  • (0-110% of motor base speed)
  • Limit Time Delay (0.2-2.0 sec)

AGB0 Application Output Data
    Current limit indication (overload) with adjustable ignore time.

    NPN transistor capable of switching 24 VDC at 250 mA.

Speed follower output signal usable with armature or tachometer feedback
    0-10VDC = 0-100% motor base speed

Maximum current: 10 mA
Potentiometer Kit AC000 NEMA 12 enclosure with:
  • Run/Jog/Stop switch
  • Indicators for Power On, Run and Current Limit
    Includes a 5 K ohm, 1W pot, mounting hardware, knob and dial plate
    All options can be installed in the field.
Speed Range/Regulation Speed/Torque - [Speed-and-Torque.JPG]

The Vari Speed® A2000 is compact, rugged, reliable and flexible. Available in 1/2 - 3 HP control rating configurations, the Vari Speed A2000 Series incorporates surface mount technology to reduce package size and improve reliability.
The Vari Speed A2000 may be ordered with isolation, NEMA 12 or NEMA 4 enclosures.

  • Compact, extremely rugged speed drive for standard permanent magnet or would-field DC motors
  • 120 or 240 VAC line input
  • Nine models rated for 1/8 to 3 HP
  • Available in chassis, NEMA 12 or NEMA 4 enclosure
  • LED status indicators for Power On, Run, and Current Limits
  • Chassis units are UL and cuL listed.