3409 , 34B Series BLDC Motor

Motor 3/8 hp
Speed 2500 rpm
Torque 151 oz.in
Voltage 130 V
Torque Constant 57 oz-in/A
Accessory Shaft YES
Application Information Brushless motors require a control.Performance ratings of 115° C winding, 25° C ambient, and no heat sink. May have to be operated below ratings if unfiltered control is used and if duty is intermittent and/or If heat sink is provided (consult a Bodine applications engineer first).May be operated above ratings if duty is intermittent and/or if heat sink is provided {consult a Bodine applications engineer first).Face mounting is standard.
Optional Accessories Select encoders and brakes can be installed on motors with "accessory ready" shaft and mounting features. Check CAD drawings for mounting details.Cable model 3983 for connecting 130V motors to Bodine chassis controls."L" bracket kit model 5968 permits alternate mounting.
Matching Controls Motors may be used with a variety of controls, including servo amplifiers, that produce square-wave current for 3-phase, 4-pole brushless motors with 60° commutation.We stock a full line of single-quadrant speed controls ideally matched for our brushless motors.