Cycletrol® 150 , Cycletrol® Series DC Control

Horsepower (120VAC) - 1/8-1 hp | (240VAC) - 1/8-3 hp
Armature Feedback (Speed Range) 50:1
Minimum Speed 0 to 50% of full base speed
Maximum Speed 50% to full base speed
Line Voltage 120 or 240 V
Maximum Duty Cycle 50/60Hz
Configurations single phase
Tachometer Feedback (Speed Range) 60 cycles/minute continuous with typical 1/8 to 1 HP motor
Armature Feedback (Speed Regulation) 30 cpm with 1/2 to 3 HP motor. Reflected load inertia does not exceed motor inertia.
Tachometer Feedback (Speed Regulation) Chassis, NEMA 12
Ambient Temperature 200:1
LED Indicators +5% of base speed
Selection ±0.5% of set speed or 4 rpm (whichever is greater)
Armature Voltage 32-122°F
Due to Line Voltage Fluctuation 0-50°C (Chassis)|32-104°F
Due to Thermal Drift 0-40°C (NEMA 12)
Acceleration Power, Run, Current Limit, Brake.
Current Limit Upto 1 HP - 176B6004 (120V 1Ø - Chassis Versions)|Upto 3 HP - 176B6005 (240V 1Ø - Chassis Versions)|Upto 1 HP - 176B6000 (120V 1Ø - NEMA 12 Versions)|Upto 1 HP - 176B6001 (240V 1Ø - NEMA 12 Versions)|Upto 2 HP - 176B6002 (240V 1Ø - NEMA 12 Versions)|Upto 3 HP - 176B6003 (240V 1Ø - NEMA 12 Versions)
Logic Input (120VAC) - 0-90|(240VAC) - 0-180
Analog Speed Inputs <1% armature voltage change within input power range.

The Cycletrol 150 is the fastest cycling DC motor control in the industry. On-board logic controls reduce costly external relays and timing circuits.

  • Cycle rate up to 60 cpm allows quick, repetitive run/stop operation with cycling duty permanent magnet motors.
  • Wide speed range with full torque available down to 9 rpm
  • Integral timer enables automatic cycling; eliminates external compo nents and wiring.
  • Start-up current (up to 400%) provides extra starting torque for fast acceleration
  • Solid-state dynamic brake circuit for faster response without the wear normally associated with a mechanical system
  • Magnetic circuit breaker standard on NEMA 12 enclosure models
  • CE Rated