Magnetic Repair

Repair Capabilities Permanent Magnetic Chucks |Electric Magnetic Chucks |Magnetic Chuck Controls |Demagnetizers |Meters |Lifting / Scrap Magnets
Warranty Repair Facility for O.S. Walker|Magna-Flux|Magnetool
Chuck Repairs on Arter|Blanchard |Boyar-Shultz |Brown & Sharpe |AoAll |Gallmeyer |Hanchett |Heald |Hill Acme |Mattison |Okamoto |Parker-Majestic |Thompson |And Most Other Manufacturers
Components Top Plates|Ceramic Magnets|High Power Standard Pole|High Power Fine Pole|Parallel Bars|Permanent Magnetic Sine Plates|Electromagnetic Sine Plates|Non-Magnetic Sine Plates|Swivel|Permanent Magnetic Block|Electromagnetic Chucks with Rectifier-Controllers|Transverse Pole Chuck|Longitudinal Pole Chuck|Automatic Chuck Controls
Permanent Chucks New Top Plates| Cams| Handles| Remagnetization
Electromagnetic Chucks New Coils|Top Plates
Electro-Perm Magnetic Chucks Hybrid of permanent and electromagnetic chucks
Lift Magnets Certification of capacity can be verified
Process Massive library of technical data|Special process to seal after repair
Sealing Compound Excellent water resistance|No expansion or contraction|Long life for protecting magnetic core
Repairs OEM spec or greater
Warranty on Repair 1 year
Materials Steel|Cast
Voltage DC
Tests Magnetic Pull Test|Resistance and Ground Checks
Diameter Up to 120 in
Length Up to 60 in
Width Up to 30 in
Weight Up to 25,000 lb
Turnaround Time 7 to 10 days
Industry Focus Pump Applications|HVAC|Industrial
Intended Applications Machinery
Industry Standards ISO 9001:2000|Electrical Aparatus Service Association (EASA)|ASHRAE (Associate Member)|CAM (Construction Associaton of Michigan)
File Formats AutoCAD (DWG, DWZ)|Drawing Interchange/Exchange Format (DXF)|MasterCam (MDX, MC8, MC9, SET)|Standard for the Exchange of Product Model Data (STEP)|TurboCAD (TCW, TCX)|Adobe (PDF)|Images (JPG, BMP, GIF, TIF)
Additional Services Motor Repair|Engineering & Design of Industrial Drive Systems|Field Services for Drives|Electronic Service & Repair

Fife-Pearce is a magnetic repair specialist. For more than 40 years, we have been providing fast, reliable and economical repairs for chucks and controls, including permanent magnetic chucks and electric magnetic chucks. Our expert service department has the experience – and a full stock of replacement controls and parts – to quickly get your chuck up and running again. In addition, our sealing compounds offer excellent water resistance, no expansion or contraction, and a long lifespan for magnetic core protection.

Whether your magnetic chuck needs rewinding, top plate replacement or resurfacing, voltage reconnection, or other repair, you can rely on Fife-Pearce to diagnose and solve the problem, usually faster and more economically than any other source of repair. We invite you to contact Fife-Pearce – the chuck repair specialists – when you need your magnetic chuck or control to be fixed fast.