MSP 363-5 , Permanent Magnetic Standard pole Single Angle Sine Plate

Sine 5.000
Surface Area 18 in
Height 3-7/8 in
Weight 16 lb

Precise angular setups are quickly made with this MAGNETOOL. Look up required angle in table of constants, make appropriate gage block combination, insert gage blocks in place and lock sine.

Chucks are made with high power Ceramic magnets which never lose power. Top plates are steel and stainless steel furnace brazed into a single solid plate. Standard pole spacing is 3/8". Pole spacing of 1/8", capable of holding thin as well as thick pieces, is also available. The MSP- 363 has pole spacing of 1/4" only.

Tolerance in squareness, parallelism and be tween rolls on 363 and 66 is .0002; 612 is .0003; 618 is .0004. Plates and rolls are made of SAE .8620 steel carburized and hardened to 58-60 Rockwell "C" scale.