Bodine AC Motors

42R Series AC Induction Motors

  • Totally enclosed IP-20 rating.
  • Fan cooled for high output power.
  • Class "B" insulation system operated within Class "A" limits to prolong winding and lubricant life.
  • Aluminum center ring and end shields for high thermal efficiency and light weight
  • Permanently lubricated, noise tested ball bearings.
  • Locked bearing design minimizes shaft endplay.

42R-E Series Parallel Shaft AC Gear motors

  • Unvented gearhousing.
  • Industrial lip type seals on motor and output shafts.
  • Needle bearings throughout for increased radial load capacity and long life.
  • Permanently lubricated gearing utilizing semi-fluid grease for long life.
  • Selective hardened helical gearing for quietness and high output to size ratio.

34R-5R and 42R-5L Series Right Angle AC Gearmotors

Based on our "5R" gearhead, these sturdy single reduction worm gearmotors are designed for transmitting relatively substantial torque. The separable hardened and ground steel worm is key-slot and tongue driven. The gearhead is oil lubricated for life and equipped with a bronze worm gear for quiet operation.

Pacesetter NEMA-1 IP-40 Series AC Motor Speed Control

  • Simple to operate. Does not require programming. Uses trimpots and jumpers, which are factory set for most applications.
  • Motor horsepower selection jumper allows the drive to be used on a wide range of motor HP.
  • Diagnostic LEDs. PC board mounted LEDs for power or, drive status, and overload.
  • Run/Fault relay output contacts turn equipment on/off and signal stop mode if a fault has occurred.
  • Barrier terminal blocks facilitate wiring.
  • Jumper selection of drive output frequency increases the motor speed up to two times the rated RPM.
  • Motor overload (I2t) with RMS current limit preven:s motor burnout and nuisance t... Read More