Pacesetter NEMA-1 IP-40 Series AC Motor Speed Control

  • Simple to operate. Does not require programming. Uses trimpots and jumpers, which are factory set for most applications.
  • Motor horsepower selection jumper allows the drive to be used on a wide range of motor HP.
  • Diagnostic LEDs. PC board mounted LEDs for power or, drive status, and overload.
  • Run/Fault relay output contacts turn equipment on/off and signal stop mode if a fault has occurred.
  • Barrier terminal blocks facilitate wiring.
  • Jumper selection of drive output frequency increases the motor speed up to two times the rated RPM.
  • Motor overload (I2t) with RMS current limit preven:s motor burnout and nuisance trips.
  • Electronic inrush current limit eliminates harmful inr jsh AC line current during startup.
  • Short Circuit. Shuts down the drive if a short circuit oc:urs at the motor (phase-to-phase).
  • Regeneration eliminates tripping due to bus overvoltage.
  • Overvoltage and undervoltage shuts down the drive Jf the AC line input voltage goes above or below the operating range.
  • On/Off Switch, Speed Pot, F-S-R Switch installed in front panel for easy access.
  • Built-in line filter for CE compliance.
  • cULus, CE.

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