CC Series Electromagnetic Chuck Controls

The CC Series chuck controls are designed for use on any 110 VDC chuck up to 500 watts. Features include automatic pulsed release cycle designed to provide consistent release on hard to release parts, variable power, residual hold, indicating lamps, AC input and DC output cords. Units are self contained in a heavy gauge, splash resistant enclosure, 8" wide x 9" high x 6" deep. Input voltage is 120 VAC, 50/60 Hz. They are generally machine mounted. Center distances of mounting holes are 6" x 10".
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Main Enclosure Size

CC-110-150 VP

150 W

8 x 10-1/2 x 6 in

CC-110-300 VP

300 W

8 x 10-1/2 x 6 in

CC-110-500 VP

500 W

8 x 10-1/2 x 6 in