Enclosed Filtered SCR Brushless DC Controls

  • Operates from 115 Volt AC line.
  • Filtered DC output results in cooler operation of the motor.
  • Unique Smart Reverse™ circuit allows remote control of motor direction.
  • NEMA 12 enclosure for environmental protection.
  • Dynamic braking for quicker stops.
  • 12 pulse/revolution tach output provides indication of motor speed.
  • Red LED indicates control shutdown due to a fault condition.
  • Speed can be adjusted manually using a potentiometer on enclosure.
  • DIP switches set the current limit so that the same control model can drive any size Bodine motor.
  • Inherent closed loop system maintains a 1% maximum change in motor speed from 0-100% of rated load when operated at rated speed.
  • Toggle switch on enclosure indicates AC power on/off.
  • Lamp on enclosure indicates AC power on.
  • Rotary switch on enclosure to select motor direction.
  • Fuse holders for line and motor fuses (fuses included).
  • AC line cable and motor cable are factory-installed.

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